Our Affiliates

Métis Nation of Alberta

Métis Nation of Alberta

Our mandate is to be a representative voice on behalf of Métis people within Alberta, provide Métis people an opportunity to participate in government policy and, most importantly, promote and facilitate the advancement of Métis people through the pursuit of self-reliance, self-determination, and self-management.

Rupertsland Institute- Métis Centre of Excellence

Rupertsland Institute

Rupertsland Institute is an affiliate of the Métis Nation of Alberta and holds a triple mandate in education, training and research. We offer programs, services and information to Métis people in these areas through a network of offices across Alberta.

Métis capital housing corporation & Métis urban housing corporation

Métis Housing

The Métis Housing  consists of the Métis Capital Housing Corporation (MCHC, incorporated in 2007) and the Métis Urban Housing Corporation of Alberta Inc. (MUHC, incorporated in 1982), owned by the Métis Nation of Alberta.

They were created to provide affordable rental housing to low and moderate income Métis and other indigenous families in Alberta.

Métis crossing

 Metis Crossing

Métis Crossing is the first major Métis cultural interpretive centre in Alberta and is a premier centre for Alberta Métis cultural interpretation, education, gatherings, and business development.