Alberta Métis Works

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Alberta Métis Works is an online business directory of Métis owned and verified businesses. Developed by the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) as a tool to connect Métis businesses with procurement opportunities, and to allow Métis entrepreneurs to build relationships within their communities and across the province.

Apeetogosan has partnered up with the MNA to offer users of Alberta Métis Works the best possible service. To learn more, to register a Métis business, or to hire a Métis business please visit !

Our Values

Alberta Métis Works aims to increase the visibility of Métis entrepreneurs, helping them build relationships within their communities, while connecting them to procurement opportunities across the province. 
Alberta Métis Works aligns its strong values with the MNAs, which is to advance the socio-economic status and the cultural well-being of Métis people while building meaningful, long-term relationships with its community. 
To learn more about other MNA priorities, its values and mission statement, please click here.